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Parents only want the best for their children. For some, this means sending their child to a normal public school just isn’t enough. Especially these days with overcrowding and not enough funding translating to an inadequate learning experience for the kids. One way to make sure your child gets the education and college prep that he or she needs is to send them to a college prep academy. Here are three benefits to sending your child to a college prep academy instead of a traditional public school.

1. Less students for the teacher to focus on.

Most, if not all college prep academies require students to take entrance exams and even go through interviews before they are enrolled. This is to ensure that the student will be successful in their coursework at the academy and that the classes will not be overcrowded.

One of the biggest complaints that a lot of parents have about public schools is the teachers have too many students and can’t devote much one-on-one time to any of them. With a college prep academy, most students are given plenty of one-on-one time, which is a stark contrast to public schools.

2. There are specialised college prep academies.

If your child has a particular interest in a certain area, such as the arts, they may not get to work on their passion while attending a traditional public school. As more state budgets are being slashed, usually the first programs to go in public schools are things like art, music, and even some less popular sports teams. Some schools offer artistic students the ability to pursue and improve their passions without having to sacrifice other classes like math, English, and history.

You can find college prep academies specialized for acting, writing, music, science and technology, and even math. So, if you feel your child’s needs aren’t being met by a traditional public school, you can surely find a college prep academy that will help your child grow and succeed in their field.

3. Some of them are tuition-free.

You are probably thinking that, while it would be nice to send your child to a college prep academy, there is no possible way you can afford to pay for it. While some are private college prep academies and do require tuition each year, not all of them are like that. Actually many of them are public college prep academies and do not require tuition as long as you meet certain residential guidelines.

Also, even many of the private college prep academies will offer scholarships and other financial aid to students who have been admitted, but can’t afford the tuition. Other schools awards financial aid to around 25% of their student body every year.

While you may think sending your child to a college prep academy is not possible because of finances or some other means, know that it is possible. You can send your child to a school where they will be challenged to grow in the field they plan to study when they get to college. What matters is what is best for your child and, thankfully, a lot of the schools are tuition-free. Even the ones that aren’t offer scholarships and grants to help you fund your child’s educational future.

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