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When many people take on the title of ‘uni student’ they immediately expect that a lack of money comes along with this. Sure, there may be times when all you can afford to make for dinner is toast. Or when you have to convince yourself that ripped jeans are still ‘in’ because you can’t afford a new pair, but there are a lot of money making opportunities out there that many students simply aren’t aware of. These are the ones that don’t require demeaning uniforms and the phrase ‘would you like fries with that?’

If your study allows room for a part-time job, the best place to start is actually within your university. On campus shops (such as cafés, the bar, or even the co-op book shop) are often looking for new staff at the beginning of each semester. Your chances are high if you get in early and are a first or second year student (that way they can use you for a while).

There are also places like the library, student administration, and the best kept secret that I’ve discovered at university, the disabilities office. Most universities have facilities to cater for students with disabilities, and they are often looking for note-takers to help out these students. The pay is good, the work is easy, and you may pick up a little extra knowledge along the way.

The main advantage of getting a job on campus is that most employees are understanding of your work schedule, and if you ever in a bind with too much uni work on, allowances can be made. There should be a bulletin board with job postings on campus, or else just go on in and ask (or beg, depending on how ripped those jeans are).

Another idea is to try talking to your course conveyor. They always have a lot of contacts in your given area, and can often put you onto some temp work that will not only earn you a bit of extra cash, but also give you experience that may help after graduation.

There are plenty of well paying part time jobs out there, and most of them are right under your nose!

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