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Hookers, robots, and most of the cast of Star Wars all made appearances at the University of Canberra’s “Futuristic Fantasy” Gender Bender. Along with the usual highlights – dancing, drinking and dressing up in drag – this years spectacular also featured a human velcro wall for queens and queers to throw themselves at, an ongoing game of mega twister and a fashion parade won by a naked guy. Since the purpose of the fashion parade was to reward the best costumes, I am still not sure how this costumeless drunk managed to win.

Despite the excellent organisation of the event, the night did not go off without a few problems. The big one being confusion surrounding toilet use – just which loo does the average male dressed in a mini skirt and high heels use? And if young woman happens to meet up with a particularly attractive male on this evening, is it a bad thing that he’s attractive in a wig and excessive make up?

All in all this years Gender Bender stood out from the rest, with a larger crowd, a larger amount of alcohol consumed, and a larger game of twister. As the annual drag event of the year, sure to give Sydney’s Mardi Gras some standards by which to set their parade, Gender Bender is something to look forward to every year.
– Kylie Stevenson

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